Thursday 01 January 2009

Another revolution

posted by Paul
Ferris Wheel at the V&A WaterfrontWith no particular plans for seeing the new year in, Kerry-Anne and I went through to the Cape Town Waterfront to join the thronging crowds watching the annual fireworks display. We bought tickets for a ride on this ferris wheel just before midnight and watched the new year approach from several metres above the ground.

You may notice that only the "W" in "Ferris Wheel" was lit. As we boarded the giant wheel I wondered whether or not I should be concerned that the ride operators were not even able to keep all the lights in working order... :)

In closing, thanks for spending the last year with us; we've certainly enjoyed ourselves and hope that you've enjoyed sharing in Cape Town each day. We wish you an exciting and fun-filled 2009 with much love, joy and peace!


Blogger Sharon said...

What a fun way to spend New Year's Eve!

02 January 2009 4:47 PM  
Blogger Rob (Inukshuk Adventure) said...

Happy New Year to you both. I look forward to more great posts from beautiful Cape Town and thanks for sharing!

02 January 2009 5:59 PM  
Anonymous Beverley said...

Happy New Year to you both, now we can say 'see you soon'! - thanks for the blog and the photo's it keeps us in touch with CT.

02 January 2009 9:00 PM  

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