Who should advertise on Cape Town Daily Photo?

The ideal advertiser would be someone who has a Cape Town-based business that would be of some interest either to tourists, amateur photographers, or a web-savvy audience of young Capetonians. We would prefer to add value to our visitors by carefully selecting the brands to be advertised; this is obviously beneficial for both readers and advertisers. We would welcome enquiries from adventure operators, restaurants, coffee shops, accommodation establishments, internet cafes, clothing stores, sports equipment stores, bakeries, photographic supply stores, outdoor and camping stores, and... YOU, if you feel you have a product that might be suited to this platform.

Cape Town Daily Photo's current stats

(Updated February 2012)
Absolute Unique Visitors/month, according to Google Analytics: 13,514
Number of Page Impressions/month, according to Google Analytics: 26,588

Advertising options and rates

We have a limited number of advertising spots available at this stage.
Sidebar banners (size in pixels, cost per month):
125x125 = R450/month
125x250 = R680 /month

You will need to provide us with a banner of the correct size in jpg format, as well as the URL to which you would like it to link. If you prefer, we can design an attractive banner for you for an additional once-off fee. No animated ads will be accepted, and we reserve the right to refuse to advertise any product if we feel that it does not fit in with the tone and subject matter of our site.

How to be featured in a post

If you’d like your restaurant, guest-house, event or anything else featured in a post, feel free to email us at the addresses on our contact us page. We don’t accept payment for posts, but we would appreciate it if you issue us an invitation to stay at your guest-house, eat at your restaurant, come to your event or take part in your activity at no expense. We feel this is a very fair exchange for the value you will gain by being featured on the blog. You will benefit in three ways:

  1. You will get direct exposure for your brand amongst our readership. Because we don't accept payment for posts, our reviews remain honest and factual, giving them greater weight in the eyes of our readers.
  2. If you have a website of your own, the inbound contextual links from Cape Town Daily Photo - a site that is well-regarded by Google - are likely to positively affect your search engine rankings.
  3. Our posts rank highly on Google for our chosen keywords.