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Cape Town Daily Photo's licencing is fairly straightforward. Please take a moment to review our conditions of use if you would like to use any of the content on the site.

Photographs for Non-Commercial Usage

Photographs are subject to the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike licence. In terms of this licence you are allowed to use our photos free of charge and (if you choose) adapt them as you see fit for non-commercial purposes only. As a condition of the licence you must provide clearly-visible attribution to "Cape Town Daily Photo" with a link to www.capetowndailyphoto.com.

Photographs for Commercial Usage

We consider a website from which any kind of revenue (yes, even Adsense) is earned to be commercial in nature. In this case, or if you are unsure, please email us explaining how you would like to use our photos. In most cases we'll gladly grant you permission; we are quite open to fair use. What we really want to avoid is a situation where somebody else uses our content in an attempt to derive an income for themselves, without discussing it with us first.

If you would like to use our photos in printed material or for any purpose that requires an un-watermarked image, please let us know so that we can provide you with an original hi-res version. In this case, even if your use is non-commercial in nation, a fee for our time will be payable.


If you'd like to browse and purchase photos, please visit our Cape Town Stock Photos site where you can select, pay for, and download images safely and immediately.

Written Content

Our written content is subject to normal copyright, and all rights are reserved. Written content from blog posts or other pages found on this site may only be republished without consent if you are clearly quoting us and attribution is given to Cape Town Daily Photo (including a link to the location of the content).

Web Feeds

Web feeds and subscription via email are made available so that individuals can subscribe to our content. Written consent is required from us if you would like to use our feed to republish content on another website. In these cases the following restrictions will apply

  • Only a partial feed (a maximum of 30 words) may appear on your website.
  • There should also be a link at the bottom of each post that takes the reader directly to the full post on www.capetowndailyphoto.com.
  • The by-line below each post title should begin with "Originally posted on Cape Town Daily Photo..."
  • Full and proper attribution should be given, wherever our content appears on your site. We would prefer this to be in the form of a by-line, “From Cape Town Daily Photo”, with the text linking directly back to our site.