Monday 05 January 2009

Left, right, yellow, white

posted by Paul
Photo from the car's windowI shot this photo out the car's window. My question to you is this: in what direction did I take the photo? Was I pointing my camera towards the front of the car or towards the back, and why do you say so?

I'll post the answer and the reason for the question tomorrow.


OpenID Duncan Drennan said...

You must have been facing backwards (or driving really badly on the wrong side of the road, overtaking another vehicle by going over two lanes, while taking a photo out the driver side along Sir Lowry's pass).

You had to be facing backwards because we drive on the left hand side of the road ;)

05 January 2009 9:30 PM  
Blogger Rob (Inukshuk Adventure) said...

Wot he sed!

06 January 2009 12:05 AM  
Blogger cara said...

Yep. Backwards. Deffo.

06 January 2009 12:15 AM  
OpenID marius said...

Backwards and I assume Kerry-Anne was driving :)

06 January 2009 3:14 PM  
Anonymous Beverley said...

My first thought is camera pointing backwards because you drive on the left in SA and some-one else maybe Kerry-Ann was driving.....

but I've just seen the bay down on the right of the pic. and if you were overtaking another vehicle as you were going up the hill which would explain you being on the R/H of the road then you would be pointing the camera forwards - so that's the one I'll go with..also this would explain the angle of the shot from left to right...

06 January 2009 6:28 PM  
Blogger harrisek said...

I think you are on the right side of the road driving forward with camera pointing forward because distance objects on the left side of the photo show less motion blur than the closer objects on the left of the photo. No idea why you are on the wrong side of the road. :)

06 January 2009 7:59 PM  
Blogger harrisek said...

I meant to say, "objects on the left side of the photo show less motion blur than the closer objects on the right of the photo".

06 January 2009 8:02 PM  
Blogger Paul said...

Thank-you all for your comments. Please take a look at today's post for my elaborate answer to the question.

@Marius : Yup, indeed she was.

@Beverly: :) Overtaking cars across two lanes of oncoming traffic on a heavily-used, winding mountain pass while taking photos from the window sounds like some hard-core driving. :P

@harrisek: Thanks for your rational. Following on from my reply to Beverly above: motion-blur aside, I think the entire photo would be a massive blur if I were attempting such a maneuver. :D

06 January 2009 10:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Um... surely it could be either?

1) Looking out the left hand window facing backward, driving in the lane close to the barrier.

2) Looking out the right hand window facing forward, driving in the far side lane (with a bit of zoom to see across the road)

07 January 2009 12:24 AM  
Blogger Paul said...

You make a good point Anonymous. There's a flaw however. From the angle of the photo the amount of zoom would have to have been substantial.

The amount of zoom necessary would have created a huge depth of field causing far more blur than the motion blur you see in the photo.

Good point nevertheless. :)

07 January 2009 6:12 PM  

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