Gym-gym, I no longer swim

Gym-gym, I no longer swim
We joined the local gym late last year in pursuit of a healthier lifestyle. I started off swimming and although it was fun I found that the necessary high percentage of chlorine started to make me feel a little queasy.

Kerry attends Pilates classes and these days I'm back to walking the treadmill and playing with the circuit machines. I don't know that I'll ever be one for standing in front of huge mirrors admiring my biceps as I do arm curls :).

The gym, owned by Richard Branson, is in pretty good shape *heh heh*. The equipment is kept in good nick and the facilities are always clean. To the left of this picture is a set of huge glass panes looking in to the swimming pool area. The gym also has a healthy fast-food take-away/restaurant and a free-to-use Internet cafe.

All in all they make the best of a place few want to be.

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