Today is World Biodiversity Day, so I thought it would be fitting to show you a little more of our own biodiversity - another member of the Protea family, and a busy little bee.

The focus of Biodiversity Day this year is the effect of climate change on our biological wealth - apparently two newly-extinct species of frog have already been identified as victims of climate change. It's a sobering thought that these photographs we take today may be the only way that future generations will get to see certain species.

South Africa doesn't yet have a very well-developed recycling culture (not like in Sydney, for example, where different garbage bins are provided for different types of waste), but we've started paying more attention to recycling and being less wasteful in our own household. It's difficult of course, when companies keep producing their products in "convenient" over-sized throwaway packaging. I think being mindful of your effect on the world is the first step.

P.S. Visit our friend Duncan's Engineer Simplicity blog for an informative post on energy-saving light-bulbs.

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