Oh, to be able to fly

Oh, to be able to fly
I believe that every boy, perhaps most men (and a few women), would love to be a fighter pilot... not to make war, no, but just to feel the power of the plane at your fingertips and, well yes, to blow things up :).

The Tygerberg Model Flying Club takes the few who can afford it closer to this dream. You'll find this club outside the town of Durbanville on the road to Klipheuwel and Malmesbury in the middle of a huge open field - and if you happen to be in the Cape Town area on 18 November, you'll find the sky full of little model aircraft at their annual airshow - I'll make sure that I'm there!

Oh, did you notice the windsock to the left of the building? Does anyone know what the origin of the windsock is? According to Wikipedia it was a Chinese/Japanese symbol for good luck and longevity.

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