One Life – our 100th post

One Life - our 100th post
Last night we spent an incredible 2 hours listening to Johnny Clegg and his band playing live at the Convention Centre, as part of his One Life tour. Paul managed to sneak this shot with his cellphone, from our excellent seats in the 4th row. :)

Johnny Clegg is often called the "White Zulu", and if you see him dancing, you'll understand why. He has the most incredible energy on stage, and his performance is even more impressive when you realise that he's just turned 54! Most of his songs are a mixture of Zulu and English, although last night he sang us his very first Afrikaans/Zulu song too. Seeing young people of all races dancing together in the aisles to his legendary songs made me realise once again that despite our different cultures and skin-colours, all of us who call this country home have something in common: Africa is in our blood.

I know that Johnny has performed in Europe and North America as well - have any of you been fortunate enough to go to one of his concerts?

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