A mountain in my garden

A mountain in my garden
We were wandering through the Company Gardens on Saturday, following the pathways as they dipped in and out amongst the trees, when I turned a corner and suddenly came upon this awesome wide-open view of Table Mountain. Paul had his zoom-lens fitted, which wasn't wide enough to capture the whole of the mountain from this spot... so I did what I could with my tiny point-and-shoot, and here is the result.

A few Capetonians have asked us which "Company" is being referred to in the name of the Gardens (many people here simply know them as "The Gardens in Cape Town"). Well, it's the Dutch East India Company, who laid out a vegetable and medicinal garden here sometime after Jan van Riebeeck's landing in 1652.

The section shown in the foreground of this picture is the rose garden; it looks a little bare because it's not rose season for us at the moment. It's almost pruning time, in fact...

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