Can you say “cheese”?

Can you say

Does anyone remember where the rumour started that the moon was made of cheese? I guess that it must have had something to do with those meteor craters making it look something like a big Swiss cheese... only without the wax coating.

Speaking of cheese, once Spring comes around we'll take a drive to the winelands and visit some of the cheese and wine farms to bring you photos of what's on offer.

That reminds me of one of the shops in the area that used to have free cheese-tasting. I remember making several turns around the cheese table "tasting cheese". We always ended up buying something, but always made sure we got our money's worth first :).

Needless to say, the shop wised up, and free tasting became paid tasting a couple of years ago. Sadly, these days the students at Stellenbosch University go hungry over their lunch break.

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