Zippy fun

Zippy fun
This post is for all the fun-seeking readers of our blog. Herme (seen in this photo) recently discovered this new toboggan fun park, called Cool Runnings, close to our offices. If we're not careful we may find ourselves regularly skipping lunch in favour of a quick couple of rides.

The photo is a bit deceptive - the toboggan ride is much longer and cooler than I've shown here. The cart is pulled (about 200 metres I think) to the top of a wonderfully green hill by means of a slick cable and pulley system. Once at the top the high-speed winding descent starts. It took one or two twists and turns before I had enough faith in the cart to release the brake fully - from then on it was "balls to the wall". :o

Kerry-Anne and I will find a gap to go again soon, so watch this spot for a photo or two more from Cool Runnings.

Oh, the website defaults to Afrikaans if you play the toboggan simulator game, so if you can't read Afrikaans... simply go back to the homepage and click "Enter Site" after which "English" will be given as an option.

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