To Harley or not to Harley

To Harley or not to Harley
I'm not much of a Harley-Davidson fan... well alright, at the risk of offending a few friends, I'm not a Harley-Davidson fan AT ALL. These machines just look all wrong to me, and the picture is made even stranger by the addition of one of those tiny World War 2-style helmets that seem so very popular amongst Harley riders.

But Harleys are really popular in Cape Town, and you'll often encounter a flock of them going for a breakfast run on a Sunday morning along any of our winding coastal roads. I always suppress my giggles though, because the riders are generally substantially larger than me and I don't fancy my Sunday morning turning into one of those nasty scenes from a Mad Max movie.

Apologies to any Harley riders reading this post; I'm quite sure you wouldn't like my car either. And I know that you're really all big sweethearts and would never hurt a girl.

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