King Of The Mountain

King Of The Mountain
Yes, you guessed it. Kerry-Anne and I were treated to a day out to watch the annual King Of The Mountain race over the Gydo mountain pass. The day was filled with fast cars, plenty of sun and an absolutely divine spitbraai (skewered whole lamb, cooked over an open fire).

The purpose of the race is to see which car (or bike) can get over the mountain pass the fastest. There was fortunately only one minor incident on the day in which a go-cart that entered the race flew off the side of the mountain. The driver fortunately abandoned his chariot just in time, suffering only minor injuries (or so we were told).

I think the eventual winner was either the black Chevy Lumina in the photo or a white Nissan Skyline. What I do know for sure is that both drivers absolutely can drive.

Thanks JP and Nadine for the awesome day out.

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