Charlie Chameleon

Charlie Chameleon
"Feel the leaf, become one with the leaf, become the leaf, you are the leaf." thought Charlie.

Charlie the chameleon came out to smell the flowers today. Most South Africans with a reasonably green garden have at least two or three chameleons lurking. They're quite common to countries with warm climates, although I'm sure that some of you are quite unfamiliar with the chameleon.

Chameleons, with their long elastic-like-fly-catching tongues, are pretty difficult to find - they tend to adapt to the colour of the plant on which they happen to be resting and on top of that move really really slowly.

My mother-in-law is quite nervous of the little things. They're actually quite gentle and totally harmless - so whenever I find one I take it to show her, making as though I had no idea she doesn't like them. :D

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