Dinner at the edge of the ocean

Dinner at the edge of the ocean
We were privileged to have dinner this evening with marketing expert and author Joseph Jaffe, plus a small group of dynamic South Africans who're all involved in some way in marketing, social media and tech stuff. Joseph, who's a South African living in the USA, is a really cool, laid-back guy, and clearly still has a lot of affection for his homeland.

We ate at Primi Piatti in the V&A Waterfront - what a fantastic view there is from their new balcony section! Stormhoek sent along a few bottles of wine, as is their custom (and oh how we love them for it), and all in all we had a fabulous evening in lovely surroundings, with great company.

For our South African readers, the delectable Stormhoek wines are now available at Checkers stores, and to celebrate, Stormhoek is running an awesome competition. Part of me doesn't want to tell you about this, because I'd really, really like to win it myself (the main prize is a year's supply of Stormhoek wine!), but since you've been kind enough to visit our blog, I'll give you a little info: 3000 bottles of the Stormhoek stocked by Checkers have neck tags explaining how you can win (you'll need to find Stormhoek Big-Love on Facebook and add it as a friend), and apart from the main prize, there will also be weekly giveaways of t-shirts and wine until all the tagged bottles have been sold. Visit Stormhoek's blog for more info. But, um, don't rush now; there's really no hurry... no hurry at all... ;-)

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