A slightly different view

A slightly different view
If you're visiting Cape Town, and if you're in the mood to escape the city buzz for a while, take an hour or two out of your programme to walk around on Signal Hill. It overlooks the city bowl and Table Mountain on one side, and Table Bay Harbour with the Atlantic Ocean on the other side. Be careful not to walk far though as it's easy to underestimate the size of the mountains and hills in and around Cape Town.

Tips that can save your life:

  • Take at least a litre of water per person, as well as warm clothing - no matter how warm it feels when you set out. Cape Town's weather is notoriously changeable.
  • Never walk alone on the mountains. Always plan your route with the aid of a map, or else a quick unplanned 1-hour walk could easily turn into a 24-hour sleepover on the mountain - it really is that big.
  • Store the Metro Rescue telephone number on your cellphone, in case you encounter difficulty while on the mountain: 0027 21 948 9900 (international) or 021 948 9900 (local).

The High Angle Rescue Team is a team of volunteers organised by Dion Tromp of High Angle Rescue and Access. Chances are good that they'll be the ones to save your life when you end up precariously poised on a narrow ledge. When they do find you, be nice, they are volunteers and they've risked their lives to save yours.

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