Gregz Art?

Gregz Art?
The suburb of Observatory is filled with all types of interesting people. In case you can't make out what's written on this car's roof rack, it reads "Gregz Art". This artwork consists of an old piece of wood, some electronic bits and pieces, an oil can, some plants and a few other odds and ends.

While being interesting, it's become evident to me that my ability to appreciate art is not as well developed as perhaps it should be. What do you think? Does this appeal to you?

Observatory was considered a "grey" area for years before the abolishment of apartheid. It's always been inhabited by many people of different cultures and colours. Still the same today, Observatory has adopted a New Age atmosphere, evident in the shops lining it's streets. It even has a monthly Holistic Market at the community centre where one can buy items from crystals to didgeridoos.

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