Stone and leaves

Stone and leaves
Today was spent mostly indoors. After the sun's blistering heat yesterday - today it rained... a lot. It was still pretty warm and in fact it seems as though our house has absorbed the heat of summer and is refusing to relinquish it, even under a cloud of rain.

Apart from going to Moonstruck yesterday, we also briefly visited Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens where I photographed this sculpture. The courtyard that leads into the gardens is dotted with many similar sculptures of people, animals and even a very-much-larger-than-life bean pod.

In very un-customary fashion I took a walk with Kerry-Anne through the souvenir shop. We were both quite surprised at the variety of items for sale: the shop had a wide range of really good-quality and unusual souvenirs - not the traditional trinkets that I was expecting. Though perhaps more expensive than other shops, we both felt that their products were actually reasonably priced. In fact, Kerry-Anne seems insistent that I return to buy a whole bunch of things that she loved.

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