Hadeda squawk patrol

Hadeda squawk patrol
I did a really stupid thing a few days ago... I broke my camera. Yip. Broken-broken. But more about that in a moment.

The Hadeda (a type of Ibis) is a very very loud bird. They're pretty common to the Western Cape, and very common to the dam right behind our apartment. The Hadeda is easily recognised by its loud squawking, which sounds much like haa-haa-haa-de-dah - hence the name Hadeda (pronounced haa-di-daa).

As I mentioned earlier, I broke my camera. Two of the pins that plug into the memory card snapped off! Anyway, I was referred to Tim Fisher at Cape Camera Repairs. Having heard of repairs taking weeks I was dreading not having my camera for even a few days. Imagine my surprise when he assured me it would take only a day or two to repair. Well, he kept to his word and so I guess today's post is compliments of Tim at Cape Camera Repairs. Thanks Tim!

I you have a moment please visit our extras blog where I've posted three more Hadeda photos taken this evening.

Edit: A friend kindly informed me that these birds are indeed not of the Hadeda Ibis variety, they are in fact from the Sacred Ibis clan - differentiated by their white plumage. Thank-you Riaan!

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