I’d bet Dias wished he had one like this

I'd bet Dias wished he had one like this
Cape Town, known many years ago to Europeans as Cape of Storms, was first navigated by Europeans in 1488. Bartolomeu Dias, a Portuguese explorer, was commissioned by King John II of Portugal to find a shipping trade route to Asia via the southern tip of Africa. Europe was desperate for such a route because of the dangers of the land route and the high cost of negotiations with middle-men in countries on route to India.

On his initial voyage Dias never actually landed anywhere near Cape Town. For thirteen days his ship was caught in a raging storm, after which he laid anchor at Mossel Bay (a few hunderd kilometers up our east coast). When Dias eventually turned back and found Cape Town, he named it Cabo das Tormentas, the Cape of Storms. King John II of Portugal later renamed it to Cabo da Boa Esperan├ža, meaning Cape of Good Hope, because it opened up a sea trade route to India and the rest of Asia.

Note: This really really big propeller can be found outside the Mediterranean Shipping Company's offices in Martin Hammerschlag Way.

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