Guinea fools

Guinea fools
If you've been following our blog, then you might recall reading that we recently moved house. We moved twice, actually - once at the end of March, and again at the end of April (we're all done now :-)). We've moved to a much nicer neighbourhood than the one we lived in before, and here's the evidence.

Every morning these guinea fowl (I counted at least forty adults in the group - obviously the rest are not in the picture) make their way along one of the streets in the area, foraging for worms and bugs in the grass. They're wonderful to watch, particularly now that they have a few babies tagging along with them.

These are not what you would call clever birds, and flying is not really something they do, unless it is absolutely imperative. They might occasionally flap their way up to the top of a wall, and then jump off the other side, but that's really about it.

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