Lunch break

Lunch break
After a particularly hectic week Krige's Pub is the place where I'll be likely to track down a few colleagues for Friday lunch-time drinks. Ah, Krige's, I've heard such interesting stories here - alcohol really is like butter on the tongue.

Apart from this outside section, Krige's has a traditional bar on the inside (with a cosy fire-place for those cold winter days) and a slightly more formal (yet casual) restaurant attached to its side. The bar is known for its easy-going and relaxed feel and the restaurant for its traditional South African meals and pretty decent hand-pressed pure-beef-patty burgers.

On another note, I'm now back from my trip to Las Vegas - a colleague and I attended an IBM conference in this rather over-the-top-24x7-party city. It sure was interesting and although it certainly was a great experience, I'm glad to be back on home soil. Hello Cape Town!

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