Breakfast with a view

Breakfast with a view
Heart disease is huge in South Africa. I'm not sure whether it's all the junk food, lack of exercise, or stress; or whether it's just a combination of all three. I've always had slightly high cholesterol levels (just under 7), so a couple of months ago I adopted a strategy in the fight against this troublemaker - cholesterol.

I did some research and found that oats is very good for combating LDL (the bad form of cholesterol). A pharmacist also told me about a natural product called Cholesterex, which is said to increase HDL levels, and HDL helps manage LDL in the bloodstream (or so I'm told).

What you see here is my daily breakfast, in the office kitchen - a cup of uncooked oats with cold milk and honey (a good alternative to sugar). This keeps me going until lunch time... after which I'm left ravenous, and head off to the canteen for a quick bite of lunch.

Now as far as the stress portion of the equation is concerned, I'm afraid this is unavoidable without the risk of being fired; and the exercise aspect - well, that's still up for decision. I think I'll give this diet a couple more weeks and then have another test. Perhaps eating better and taking supplements will be good enough? ;)

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