Robert Mugabe has lost?

Robert Mugabe has lost?
A fellow Cape Town blogger captured this photo a few days ago. Even here, at the southernmost point of Africa, everyone seems to have been waiting in trepidation to hear the results of the not-so-recent Zimbabwean elections.

In case you're unaware of what's happened in Zimbabwe, let me explain. It's been five weeks since the Zimbabwean elections and only today were the results revealed. It appears as though the current president Robert Mugabe (leader of Zanu-PF) has lost to Morgan Tsvangirai's party (the MDC). Neither has gained an outright majority which means that a second round of voting will have to take place for one party to establish an outright majority.

For good reason many claim foul on the part of Zanu-PF, but it appears as though it's back to the waiting game to see who will rule the country. God bless and peace be with you Zimbabwe.

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