Euro2008… in Africa

Euro2008... in Africa
I've been supporting the Spanish football team since the World Cup in 2002, so I was understandably excited that they'd actually made it to a final for once (even a semi-final for that matter!). I dragged Paul kicking and screaming to our local Dros (a steakhouse chain) to watch the final game of the Euro2008 championship this evening.

I got the distinct feeling that the greater majority of people in the restaurant were supporting Germany. There were quite a few glum faces when the game ended, but mine was certainly not one of them. I was beaming from ear to ear, in fact, and the feeling hasn't entirely worn off yet. I'm really looking forward to seeing La Furia Roja playing on South African soil in next year's Confederations Cup. Although my first loyalty will always be to my country, I certainly won't be sorry to see Spain win that tournament too. :)

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