The Cattle Baron

The Cattle Baron
Steak is big in South Africa, and although not a luxury that we could afford as a staple part of our diet, we do still go out for a good piece of meat every so often.

It's been cold and wintry, so we decided to pop out to our local Cattle Baron steakhouse. They generally have steak of above average quality, and so we were happy to learn of a special discount they were offering on one of their signature dishes, the Chateaubriand - only R79 (about €6.40 or $10.00).

The Chateaubriand is essentially a 200 gram piece of fillet, covered with brandy and set alight upon arrival at the table. You absolutely have to click through to their website - there's a little flash video of the flaming Chateaubriand on the landing page.

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