Cape Town, third on Monopoly World Edition

Cape Town, third on Monopoly World Edition
Who would have believed that little old Cape Town could make it to third position on Hasbro's Monopoly World Edition? Voting started earlier this year, and the mass of votes from Capetonians, along with many others around the world, allowed us to overtake great world cities like Paris and Sydney in the rankings.

The final positions were unveiled on 20 August, with Montreal declared the top city. Riga achieved second, with Cape Town in third position (followed closely by Belgrade and Paris).

So it seems as though Hasbro and their Monopoly World Edition will help put Cape Town solidly on the map for many households. :)

The Monopoly game in this photo is the South African edition and has been passed down from Kerry-Anne's parents to us. It's apparently seen the family through many cold and rainy winter days - as I'm sure you can tell by the well-worn box.

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