Ploceidae – aka African Golden Weaver

Ploceidae - aka African Golden Weaver
The African Golden Weaver is part of the Ploceidae family of birds. They're extremely common in the suburbs around Cape Town and most often spotted near rivers or dams, making their distinctive nests (shaped much like huge drops of water) to hang from trees.

Weaver birds are given the name because of the intricately woven nests. What's interesting is that you'll most often find that the entrance to their nests face downwards, towards the ground. I remember hearing once that they do this so that snakes are unable steal their eggs.

The slithery predators are forced to approach the nest from the branch above and due to the shape and location of the nest are unable to hold on to anything while attempting to enter the nest, causing them to fall unceremoniously to the ground.

I wonder which was the first Weaver to think of this bright idea?

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