A little bit of tranquility in the wake of Thabo Mbeki’s resignation

A little bit of tranquility in the wake of Thabo Mbeki's resignation
We've had a tumultuous few days here in South Africa. For those overseas readers who haven't heard the news yet, President Thabo Mbeki announced his resignation on Sunday evening, after being asked to vacate his post by the ANC executive.

Today the news broke that fourteen members of President Mbeki's cabinet had handed in their resignation, including everybody's favourite Minister of Finance, Trevor Manuel. And so there is a degree of uncertainty hanging in the air, although it seems that at least some of this will be resolved on Thursday, when Parliament votes to elect an interim president. (Also, six of the fourteen, including Trevor Manuel, have agreed to make themselves available for service in the new cabinet.)

We're a hardy nation though, and it takes a lot more than being president-less to get us down. Nevertheless, I thought everyone could do with a little tranquility this evening, and so I'm posting a photo of two peaceful cows munching some grass in a field near Darling. :-) The photo was taken on Sunday, when we went up the West Coast to catch a glimpse of the last of the spring flowers.

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