Could Cape Town be the next Silicon Valley?

Could Cape Town be the next Silicon Valley?

We've recently heard of a few American visitors to Cape Town mentioning how much our city reminds them of San Francisco, with the exception that San Francisco has "the dial turned way up".

The amount of innovation within the Web community of Cape Town is simply astounding. This evening local web-entrepreneurial hero Vinny Lingham, CEO of Synthasite (a Cape Town web-based startup company) presented a talk to some of Cape Town's web entrepreneurs, explaining how to go about seeking venture capital to help turn small under-funded startup companies into the next Google or Facebook.

If you are thinking about investing in a Cape Town-based startup I'd suggest that you don't wait too long. Over the next couple of months and years I think we'll see Cape Town's web entrepreneurs attempting to turn that virtual dial "way up", making a couple of lucky investors very, very happy in the process.

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