Mkhanyiseli “MK” Kapa: street-child to celebrity chef

If you've been visiting our blog for a while you'll remember our exceptional weekend away at Villa Lyonesse last month.

When our hosts, Ric and Robynne, invited us to stay with them at their Camelot Villa this weekend, we gladly accepted. What we hadn't realised was that Ric had purchased the culinary services of celebrity chef MK on a charity auction.

MK has an interesting history. A former street-child, he was selected to undergo training at Jamie Oliver's famous restaurant Fifteen. You can click here to read his story.

MK has worked at a number of top restaurants around Cape Town, and on one occasion even cooked for Nelson Mandela! This evening he treated us to a starter of tabbouleh wrapped in cucumber strips, a main course of dorado topped with mashed peas and parma ham, and a chocolate fondant dessert with blueberries and ice cream (which you can see in the photo above). The meal was absolutely sublime, and I know without a doubt that MK has a very successful career ahead of him.

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