Please CERN, don’t mess it up

Please CERN, don't mess it up
Wow, we're still alive! For now at least. We were unsure whether or not yesterday's post would be the last for Cape Town Daily Photo. :P This morning CERN switched on their Large Hadron Collider near Geneva, Switzerland. Apparently the particle accelerator could, possibly, maybe, with a small chance, destroy the earth by creating (amongst other things) micro black holes. We'll find out for sure next month, I guess, when the first collisions take place.

Doom of the earth aside, it's been pretty gloomy in Cape Town. Nature has been raining her proverbial cats and dogs over the peninsula all week, and I think that I speak for all Capetonians when I say: We've had enough of winter!

I met with a consultant from Johannesburg on Tuesday who couldn't believe that we're having such cold weather - apparently they've been suffering somewhat of a heatwave up north, only 1500Km away. Come on Jo'burg, send some of that warm, sunny weather our way!

This photo was taken in the parking garage pictured in this post.

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