The Cape Town Air Show is spared from rain

The Cape Town Air Show is spared from rain

It almost slipped my mind that the Cape Town International Air Show is taking place this weekend! Yay! Did I ever mention that when I was young I wanted to be a pilot?

Anyway... I digress. It almost seemed to have slipped Mother Nature's mind too - it's been raining like crazy today. The good news is that the rain will have passed by tomorrow afternoon, just in time for Saturday and Sunday's air show - which is open to the public at a fairly low charge of R50 for adults (and a little less if you pre-book, are on pension, or happen to be under 12 years of age).

I haven't been to the air show in years, so this weekend is my chance to catch up on all the photos I've missed out on. Be sure to watch this space. :)

Click here if you'd like to see a map of how to get to Air Force Base Ysterplaat, or here if you'd like more detailed logistical information, or here for a Google Maps aerial photograph of the venue.

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