The Spirit of Ecstasy, mascot of Rolls-Royce

The Spirit of Ecstasy, mascot of Rolls-Royce
Well done to anonymous for guessing the answer to yesterday's question correctly. Indeed, the petrol gauge is from what I believe to be a 1928 20HP Rolls-Royce.

Today's photo is of a more well-known part of a Rolls, the brand's mascot, The Spirit of Ecstasy. There's a Jane Austen-like story to be told about this mascot involving a secret love affair and a tragic death. If you have a moment, hop on over to to read the story.

Another interesting point is that the only Rolls-Royce to not feature this mascot is that of the British royal family. Their vehicle's mascot is the figure of Saint George on horseback, slaying the dragon.

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