Zimfest, a music festival

Zimfest, a music festival
Today Overtone Music presented South Africa's first Zimfest (Zimbabwe Festival) - a music festival created to raise money for humanitarian efforts in Southern Africa.

Kerry-Anne and I shot through to the Goodhope Centre (perhaps an aptly named venue) at about 11am this morning to catch the opening act, Matthew Gair, singer, songwriter, and guitarist (that's not him in the photo, though).

The rest of the day was filled with superb performances by CODA, Failing Forward, The Little Kings, Tristan Waterkeyn, Louise Day Band, Hot Water, Cold Hand Chemistry, Nomfusi Gotyanan, Freshly Ground, Jacsharp, Overgraze, The Rudimentals, Autopilot, Ike Moriz, The Plastics, Shy Guevaras, The Dirty Skirts, Betray The Emissary and New Altum.

Please visit our Cape Town Daily Photo Extras blog to see about 60 photos taken during the course of the morning.

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