Prime Circle album launch at Lente Lawaai

Prime Circle album launch at Lente Lawaai
We spent the day watching several bands play music at Black Bull's open air venue in Techno Park, Stellenbosch. While many extremely talented bands spent all their energy on stage the final, and arguably best, performance was by our old favorite, Prime Circle.

If you're a fan of the band and don't know it yet, they've just released a new album, All or Nothing. While we only heard a couple of the new songs tonight, if they're anything to go by then the album's going to be a huge success. In fact, if you click through to their website you'll be able to listen to samples from the album.

We're still processing our photos and will be posting them in the next day or two. As for now, we're both all partied out and heading off to sleep.

In case you don't speak Afrikaans and are confused by "Lente Lawaai" in the title of this post, it's very easy. The bands played mostly rock or heavier music, so the name "Lente Lawaai" is an apt choice of words meaning "Spring Noise" directly translated, but interpreted means "loud music in spring".

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