A bakkie, a dirt road, and crunchy wheat

A bakkie, a dirt road, and crunchy wheat

There I was, out on the gravel road leading to Fair Cape dairies, taking photos of a windpomp (pronounced something like vind-pawmp, directly translated as wind-pump) when I heard this bakkie (pronounced buck-key) approaching quickly from behind.

Considering the amount of dust being thrown up into the air I grabbed my camera, ducked into the car and snapped this shot from a point of safety. The signpost reading "stadig, stof op koring" clearly didn't mean much to the driver. At the risk of this post sounding like a lesson in Afrikaans, "stadig, stof op koring" means that we should drive slowly (stadig) because the dust (stof) thrown up by vehicles settles on the wheat (koring).

And who was it that said I make a terrible teacher? Perhaps I should start giving Afrikaans lessons. ;)

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