His name is Andrew and he wears sunscreen

His name is Andrew and he wears sunscreen
Today the sun poked its head out after two days of rain. My brother and sister befriended Andrew, a local garden-variety lizard that was found basking in the sun at my parents' home.

Andrew seems to have taken up residence at this spot, appearing ever so often to warm his cold skin. It's almost the time of the year when Capetonians and visitors start basking in the sun, much like Andrew has been doing.

If you're visiting from a country with a cooler climate, like perhaps England, then be sure to use more sunscreen than you think you need. As a guideline, Kerry-Anne and I tend to use sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 35 - which is the absolute minimum that I'd suggest you should use if you have a light complexion.

The African sun really is as harsh as it's made out to be and each year we see fair-skinned tourists wandering about glowing red from sunburn. I often want to tap them on the shoulder to point out that they really should cover up. The difficult part is pointing this out without sounding like a parent speaking to a naughty child.

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