How are tyres and hay related?

How are tyres and hay related?
While driving in the country recently we noticed two adjacent farms using old car tyres for a purpose we're unsure of. Both farmers seemed to have laid old car tyres over bales of hay. I can only think that the brick structure in this photo is filled with hay and that the tyres are weighing the bales down so that the Cape Doctor doesn't carry them away a straw at a time. I can't understand this however - surely a net of sorts would be more effective?

Please leave a comment and put us out of our misery if you know the answer.

In case you're not familiar with "The Cape Doctor" - it's a local term for the Cape Peninsula's strong South-Easter win, which is super-effective in clearing the air of pollution... and every once in a while even heads right to the source clearing cars from the roads. :D

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