Inter-continental blogger meetup

Inter-continental blogger meetup
The International Marketing Council is hosting a group of US bloggers in South Africa at the moment, and taking them on a tour of some of the most interesting (and lesser-known, I think) sites across the country.

We had a chance to chat to a couple of them at a meetup event held at Asoka (the restaurant with the tree). It was great to hear their impressions and perceptions of South Africa, and I hope that they're going to have a fantastic time touring the country and learning what defines this nation.

You can follow the tour on the group's website, see their photos on Flickr, and watch their videos on Zoopy.

We got to speak to Ray Lewis of Down The Avenue, and Chris Morrison, who writes for Venture Beat - it was great meeting both of you, and we hope that the rest of your trip will be absolutely unforgettable!

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