Stellenbosch Botanical Gardens vs. Elgin Open Gardens

Stellenbosch Botanical Gardens vs. Elgin Open Gardens
Each year estates in and around the farmlands of Elgin open their exquisite gardens for viewing to the public. Visitors spend the day, and sometimes the weekend visiting estate after estate, enjoying tea and light lunches in the midst of some of the most beautiful scenes Nature has to offer.

This year we missed out, though. Amongst others, Kerry-Anne desperately wanted to visit "The Secret Garden". Alas, it was not to be, and as a small consolation we headed off to Stellenbosch for an hour or so just to make her feel better about missing out on the annual visit to Elgin's gardens. Neither of us were aware that Stellenbosch had a botanical garden, and this small consolation turned out to be a gem of a discovery.

Stellenbosch Botanical Gardens are significantly smaller, but easily rival the well-known Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens in their beauty. After having a drink and some cake at the restaurant we spent a short while walking through the gardens. We'll definitely have to spend a couple of hours there soon - in fact I believe Kerry-Anne's making plans to try and visit after her exam on Friday.

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