Unimaginative art

Unimaginative art
In contrast with the graffiti that we posted on our CTDP extras blog a few months back, this "artist" has little creative skill. To be fair I doubt that this was ever intended to be a work of art, but this does make me wonder exactly why people vandalise street signs.

This particular sign is at the entrance to one of the neighbourhood schools, so the chance is great that the culprit attends this particular school. Can the vandalism be simply ascribed to boredom? Is the act perhaps intended to impress friends, or a potential girlfriend?

It's easy for adults to shake their heads in disapproving dismay at the destructiveness of "our youth", but I guess on reflection one might rather be dismayed at the destructiveness of people - after all, some vandalise road signs, others vandalise countries. Which is the greater evil?

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