Bees ate my lunch

Bees ate my lunch

We joined some friends for a picnic lunch at Hartenberg wine farm this afternoon. Hartenberg serves a picnic lunch each day, spoiling guests with a plate full of cheeses, snoek pate, bread, salad, fruit and so on.

Unfortunately today we were plagued by bees. Hundreds of these tiny warriors joined us for lunch on the lawn and buzzed around menacingly in an attempt to get at the food and the bottle of grape juice on our table. We eventually abandoned our meal and retired to the wine-tasting room after baby Jett was stung on his baby thumb. :(

It seems as though the estate has had trouble with these bees for a while now, and management seem to be at their wits' end, not knowing what to do about the situation. It is still worth visiting the farm for a meal; but if you do, ask the manager about the bees, and if they're still a problem request to be seated at the upper section of the premises, away from the bees' hungry eyes. :)

Click through to our CTDP Extras blog for a few more photos of the bee infestation.

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