Dusk at Woodbridge Island

Dusk at Woodbridge Island
So, yesterday was my nephew's 18th birthday and today is my sister's 30th - it sure is a month for holidays, parties and celebrations. Before meeting up with my sister at Maestro's restaurant on Woodbridge Island for dinner we sat on the island's beach watching kids swimming in the ocean, a group of guys playing touch-rugby on the sand, people paddle-skiing in the waves and even a dog or two having a whale of a time. :)

If you're unfamiliar with Cape Town it may sound awfully posh or perhaps even extravagant to go from Cape Town to an island for dinner. The truth is that while Woodbridge Island is an island off the mainland, it can't be more than 100m from the shore and is connected to the mainland by a small bridge.

The island has at least two restaurants, about 600 inhabitants (mostly living in a clustered residential estate) and a tall lighthouse. Even if you have dinner somewhere else, try and stop by the island to watch the sun set behind Table Mountain.

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