Goats and dogs and cheetahs at Spier

Goats and dogs and cheetahs at Spier
We took a drive out to Spier wine estate today for a family picnic and visit to the estate's cheetah enclosure. I mentioned in a previous post that one could enter the cheetah enclosure (along with a guide) and spend a few minutes stroking one of these big cats. This time Kerry-Anne entered the caged-off area with our niece and nephew... and yes, fortunately they came out smiling and unscathed.

If you visit the cheetah enclosure some time, be sure to go along on the guided tour. The guides explain what the cheetah conservation project is about and take visitors on a tour to see not only the cheetahs, but also the dogs, goats, jackals, and caracals.

After visiting the animals we had a picnic next to the dam at Spier. The estate allows visitors to picnic out on the lawn free of charge, but insists that you buy your food at the estate's well-stocked (though overpriced) deli. To be fair to Spier, they don't charge an entrance fee, and I suppose that the deli prices might be on a par with what you would pay at a restaurant.

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