Ratanga Junction, our very own theme park

Ratanga Junction, our very own theme park
It was hot, it was sunny, and we were looking for a day of fun. Ratanga Junction is Cape Town's own theme park, only 5 minutes from the city centre.

Shortly after arriving I made a mental note never to visit the theme park on a public holiday - ever again! Queues to get into the theme park and to access rides were very long, kinda spoiling the day a little. :-/

We did have fun on the rides, though; especially on the Cobra, a huge, high-speed roller-coaster, and on the traditional log-floating-along-a-canal ride called Monkey Falls. Even though I'd taken my motion-sickness pills (a mandatory requirement for this kind of expedition) there was no way I was going to take a ride on the boat shown in the photo. The second row from the back hosts Kerry-Anne, our two visitors from Sydney, and a friend of ours kindly taking my place.

Positive points:
* Rides were fun
* Staff were friendly and professional
* Plenty of open space

Negative points:
* Queues were long
* Food was expensive
* Best water-ride was non-operational, and there was no warning of this on Ratanga's website

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