Back in beautiful Cape Town

Signal Hill and Lion's Head

On Sunday, after launching our new WordPress version of Cape Town Daily Photo, I caught a flight with four colleagues to Johannesburg (the largest city in South Africa), a mere two hours' travel time from Cape Town.

I remembered after landing how different Cape Town is from Johannesburg. It seems almost like a different country entirely. We ate lots of good food, stayed in a nice hotel, and spoke with many interesting people, but today I'm really happy to be back in sunny Cape Town.

Perhaps I've mentioned it before, but us Capetonians are often teased about how preoccupied we are with our mountains - especially Table Mountain.  Even though I'm aware of this there came a point when I genuinely realised that I missed the mountain - I just couldn't find my bearings without the landmark. Were it not for a trusty GPS I'd still be roaming the streets looking for our hotel. :) I really think Cape Town would slip into a huge emotional depression if the earth one day swallowed up our beloved mountain.

We are silly, aren't we?

4 thoughts on “Back in beautiful Cape Town

  1. Kathy S

    We have visited out son and SA daughter-in-law in CT, Table Mountain is beautiful and we miss it when we return to the UK. I get my Mountain fix by looking at the Kaapstadt(hope I have the correct spelling) webcam – and your amazing daily photos. Congratulations on your NEW site and wonderful photographs etc – Hope the Zebra will soon be back home.

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