Cape Town Daily Photo Reloaded

Cape Town in the World Version of Monopoly

Well, things do look a little different today, don't they? We've been stealthily working on the new version of Cape Town Daily Photo for a few months now, and let me tell you, it's been really tough keeping quiet about it. From the day I saw the first mockups that the wonderful Max Kaizen had designed for us, I knew that this new version was going to be worlds better than our old site.

We've thought and planned and tweaked and played and written and rewritten, and at last we're ready to unveil the basic structure and design of the new site. There's a whole lot more to come though: over the next few weeks we'll be adding quite a number of new pages and features, some specifically for tourists and those unfamiliar with the city, and some that will appeal to locals and regular visitors to Cape Town.

Thank you to everyone who has played a part in bringing this new version of the site into being; I think quite a few of you wouldn't even have been aware of the fact that you influenced our thinking in some way, but it's fairly certain that if I've had any kind of conversation with you about Cape Town Daily Photo over the past five or six months, you've played a part. So, thank you.

Now to the subject of today's photo... remember way back in August 2008 when it was announced that Cape Town had secured enough votes to appear in 3rd spot on the board of the new Monopoly World Version? Well, we finally got to play the new version of Monopoly on Saturday evening, and it was loads of fun, even though I didn't win. ;-) We thought this would be an appropriate photo for the official launch of Cape Town Daily Photo version 2, since we're Passing Go and all (I'm still hunting for the $2M we're supposed to collect, though). If you look carefully, you'll see the Cape Town property card in the front right of the shot.

16 thoughts on “Cape Town Daily Photo Reloaded

  1. Glen

    Hi Kerry-Anne & Paul,

    Wow! What a surprise on a Monday morning! Awesome new design. Congrats!!! Hope that 2009 brings you guys lots of more great things! See you soon.


  2. Miguel

    Ohh yeah! I like the new design.

    I also got myself the monopoly word edition a couple months ago. I haven’t played monopoly in a long time so the credit cards were a little new to me, but much better than fiddling around with paper money.
    I like it. :)
    Especially that Cape Town is soo valuable, too bad it’s located soo close to ‘the go to jail’ block :P

  3. Natalie O

    Slick guys, very slick! Not that there was anything wrong with the old site, but I do like this a lot! So, those useful Cape Town links; I hope that it will be expanding soon, with usefule groupings for all those local sites (with their web links etc, or feeds, or whatever), such as for the Table Mountain cable way, music in SA, food, wine estates etc that you guys have hyper links to already (or not). So when we are in a hurry, we don’t have to hunt through all the posts to find something we remember reading about.

  4. Beverley

    Oh wow!! what a surprise and I must say I like it very much..I’m so glad you’re going to continue with photo’s and links as before and my little book is already full of interesting places to visit and eat thanks to your blog over the past year!

    We arrive CT on Thursday so hope to see you soon.

  5. Paul

    Thanks everyone for the kind words. We’re really (really) glad to have so much positive feedback.

    @thescott – It’s the bank bro. Each player receives a credit card. The machine is used to store the amount of money each player has “on their card” and is used to do transfers between “accounts”. It’s quite nifty actually – much better than counting notes and struggling with denominations, etc. :)

    @beverley – Yes, cool – perhaps we should meet up in Town or somewhere at the Waterfront. Mail me. Phone me. :)

    Thanks again everyone. It’s really cool that you took the time to comment.

  6. Jilly

    Am very late catching up but just wanted to say how great your blog now looks. Very slick as someone else said. Even down to the neat font that I’m writing in right now! Great.

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