Royal Ascot, a killer view

Royal Ascot at sunset

Tonight we got to spend some time with a group of people whom, for the most part, we'd never met before. It seems that these days we have several friends who don't know each other, so when birthday parties crop up (like tonight) we often find ourselves meeting new and interesting people - which is awesome!

Scott and Robynn live in what must be one of the best situated apartments in Milnerton's Royal Ascot development - right next to the Gold Circle stables and horse training track. If our plans work out as we hope we'll be joining them for breakfast next week - where, apart from enjoying good company and good food, I'll try snapping a few photos of the horses training in the early morning. Watch this space! :)

8 thoughts on “Royal Ascot, a killer view

  1. Scott

    To be honest Paul, we usually charge a fee for taking photo’s of our view. (Sunset’s are slightly more expensive and we have a sliding scale according to the spectacularity of each “set”). However, considering that I think you guys are okay and since you bought me a birthday gift AND helped in the kitchen we’ll let you get away with this little bit of cheekyness.

    Let Robynn or I know when your coming for breakfast, I need time to workout a price for horse photo’s. ;)

  2. Robynn Burls

    Wow, if you take beautiful photos like that, you’re welcome back any time Paul! We regularly take photos of the sunsets, which I make a point of enjoying every night, but I’ve never been able to capture the moment quite like you have. Thanks.

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