Rules of the road

Traffic lights

So there are rules of the road and rules of the road, and every once in a while for some (and more frequently for others!) these rules get tested and broken.

The council is busy re-tarring and widening the R300 road (between the N1 and N2 highways). For some time I've noticed what looked like speed cameras along the road (only a couple of kilometres apart), but since I could see no flash nearby I assumed that the cameras were not yet working.

Only yesterday did I learn that cameras that don't require a flash were being tested in our province! They apparently take photos of every car that passes by and use the time that it takes the vehicle to move between the two cameras to determine its average speed.

Now, I was recently in an awful hurry to get to the airport... let's see what the mail holds in store. :-/

9 thoughts on “Rules of the road

  1. Jonathan

    Wait, what!? That effectively makes teleportation illegal in our country. I’m sick of our current government trying to stop innovation and the advancement of technologies. This is totally wrong!

  2. SimplyErnst

    It is sad, a while back we decided to travel by car to save money, well didn’t we come back to find the trip costing us three times as much due to camera fines. Most of these cameras were placed just after the stop go events. One was even in the roadworks area and was set to trap you exceeding 60 km/h in that zone. Now I will fly unless I am taking lots of stuff with me and have no schedule to stick to.

  3. Lydon

    What’s wrong with speed cameras? People shouldn’t be speeding in the first place, so how can they complain?

    Anyway, you can view your traffic fine status online complete with photos of you performing the dirty deed!

  4. Paul

    Post author

    @Jonathan – yes, it’s crazy… we invent the Kreepy, the’re one international argument over rights violations, and then they try to limit creativity through speed cameras. Tragic. :)

    @SimplyErnst – yup, if you need to be somewhere fast, rather fly. It is cheaper. :)

    @Duncan – Erm… well I can’t be sure, but I can’t think what else they could be. Don’t you want to keep testing the theory for us? Please?

    @Lydon – However uncomfortable it is, you’re right, and I thus have no problem paying those darn fines… which aren’t many actually. ;) Sometimes the speed limits are ridiculously slow though. Perhaps roads should have checkboxes which one must tick before using them: “By using this road I agree to abide by the limits imposed on said road.” But then, @SimplyErnst, I guess we’d always be late. :)

  5. Paul

    Post author

    @Beverley – don’t worry, they let tourists off with a smile and a “visit again soon”. ;)

    Only joking, unfortunately, it’s an automated system, so I’m afraid you’d have no grace. Although, you don’t seem the reckless type, so I’m sure you’ll be fine (if you’d excuse the pun). :)

  6. Pat

    Good to know they are using these cameras here now, they’ve been used for ages overseas.

    I just hope they will help. There aew way too many fools in this country who ignore the fact that SA has such a high road death toll. Whats that? It’s the unroadworthy taxis that cause the death toll and not speeders like you is it… won’t happen to you cause you’re a good driver are you? I would laugh but it may be someone I know that you take with you when it does eventually catch up to you.

    Thats my rant, I do it every now and then, not often.

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